High End Elegant & Sporty Brand by artist WILLPOWER


WILLPOWER FLOW is about self expression, being fully ourselves in this world… Following our joy and excitement… Being one with our soul purpose… Living from the heart… Seeing the oneness that we are all a part of… Human Freedom ! Boundless of laws that limit our humanness… we are the voice for the voiceless and are part of the greatest transformation on earth towards happiness and pure authentic expression for all. No more borders, we see each other as interconnected, no matter what the color of our skin or our beliefs are. We dissolve the illusionary boxes that are used to divide us.

The dystopia created on earth is not normal. For this, we transform the world until Utopia Is The New Normal !

The designer is WILLPOWER, he hand makes the clothes.

He grew up around creativity, fashion and the entertainment world since a child… He taught himself how to sew by watching YouTube tutorials to accomplish his eTextiles projects… His first sewing project was the Unity Flag. Then came the WILLPOWER Tee, and now, the WILLPOWER Shorts. As he grows his sewing skills and expands his collection, he will add them here as products you can purchase.

When you buy his products, you support an independent Artist. As well as the slow fashion movement which is about sustainability by stopping large productions which result in unnecessary planetary waste. For this, he makes the clothes when you place an order.

Thank you and much love,